#7 Lettera alla host family!

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Buongiorno gente, e buona domenica!
Dall'ultima volta che ho aggiornato il blog (nemmeno tanto tempo fa alla fine) sono successe tantissimissime cose che stanno davvero mettendo alla prova i miei poveri nervi.
Cosa più importante di tutte: ho finito la Pre Application! ( vale a dire: sono riuscita a convincere me stessa di aver scritto una buona lettera alla hfamily!)
Ci saranno sicuramente degli errori di grammatica quindi, nel caso in cui ne trovaste qualcuno, non fatemelo notare (quel che è fatto è fatto ahah), o mi mangerei le mani.
Procediamo con gli avvertimenti:

"Straniero, entra, ma tieni in gran conto 
Quel che ti aspetta se sarai ingordo 
Perché chi prende ma non guadagna 
Pagherà cara la magagna 
Se cerchi nel sotterraneo 
Un tesoro che ti è estraneo 
Ladro avvisato mezzo salvato: 
Più del tesoro non va cercato."

Ebbene si, se trovo la mia lettera pari pari da qualche parte vi scateno i folletti della Gringott, sappiatelo. 
Ed ecco qui la mia fantastica,meravigliosa,sublime e superlativa lettera alla host family!!!

Dear Host Family,
I still can’t believe I’m writing this letter: I feel so happy and excited that it’s hard to find the right words but,first of all, I want to tell you that I’ll never stop to thank you if you will choose me as your host daughter, making  my dream comes true. I really hope you would like  to share with me your traditions and habits and so will I.
 Now I’ll try to give you the best description of myself. My name is Ludovica, I’m  sixteen  and I live in Latina, a quite small city near Rome,the Italy’s capital. I attend the Scientific High School of my city and,it might seem strange,I like studying especially English because I think that it’s a really  interesting subject.  I’m an optimistic,determinated and curious person with a great desire to learn and get involved.  When I decide to do something I try to do it by using all my capabilities,I’m very responsable and you can rely on me always.
I have been studying piano for three years (it would be very nice to play for you) and I also have been a member of my city’s swimming team which is called Ambranuoto (Honestly I can’t wait to challenge myself with the typical activities and sports of your Country).
As you may have guessed I am a very active girl; I love travelling more than anything else and sharing time with my family and my friends.  As I am a very friendly person I can easily make friends and I suppose that it will help me a lot during my year abroad. I have a bestfriend,Clare, who I know since I was born and she is like a sister for me. In fact we can talk about everything  and we always have fun togheter. We usually go out with our school’s friends too especially on the weekends!
 Let’s talk about my family! I love my parents because they have always taught me so much and they support me all the time. They are both fifty years old ( please don’t tell them I told you!) My mother’s name is Roberta and she works in a bank and my father Federico is a police man (that’s why I’m such a good girl). They are both  cheerful and generous people with a sunny disposition. I have a sister,Federica, who is eighteen years old. We attend the same school and I feel very lucky for that because she can help me when I don’t understand something . In fact we grew up together helping each other in every situation and we really get on well! In my family there are also a cute and beloved dog,Micro, a sweet and furry rabbit called Flo, and two red cats: Pc and Kittie. Unfortunately, I'm allergic to animal fur so I can’t cuddle over them so much, but if I wash my hands after that  it’s not a problem (so, don’t worry!)
Daytime my parents are busy at work, so we generally get together for dinner. That’s a special moment for us because everyone tells the others what he did during the day and we can share all our thoughts.  On Saturdays and Sundays we like travelling, going to the cinema or  going shopping to Rome which isn’t so far from my city. When the weather is good we like going to our holiday-house too which is on the mountains near a lake. Here we can relax even if  I would prefer to do traditional activities such as fishing or roasting food over a fire (maybe it’s a common thing for you but it’s something that I always wanted to try). Anyway I like there  because I feel very closed to the nature (even if  insects make me very afraid) and I feel like I’m free. Unfortunately it never snows in my city and it’s such a pity because I would love to spend a White Christmas just like in some American movies that I watched,  where everything seems to be unreal,even magical…
Well, you might be wondering why I have chosen to become an exchange student, so I’ll try to give you an answer although it might be difficult. To study and live like an American girl in the U.S is my dream since I was a child and I’m almost  bursting with the enthusiasm! I do  love America even if I have never been there  and it would be so nice to know your traditions , your culture and explore your breathtaking places. I’m fascineted by every single thing that makes America so great! From the football matches to the Thanksgiving day and much more.  As I have amazing friends in Italy I know that I’ll meet wonderful people in your country. I’m also sure that you will be the best hostparents ever just for the single fact that you might decide to host as your daughter  a girl who you don’t know at all, coming from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. With these words I want to tell you that there is no person more grateful than I’m  on this planet and I would be proud to be part of your Family and your Country. I wish that my feelings in this moment could be also yours and that we will share some wonderful moments together because we will live  a beautiful,special and precious experience that we will  never forget.
With love,enthusiasm and thankfulness
Ludovica, your future hostdaughter.

Sono abbastanza felice del risultato, certo avrò fatto degli errori e certo mi sarò scordata qualcosa,  quindi, per il momento tiro un sospiro di sollievo.
Le altre novità sono:
  1. E' (non so come si fa la è in maiuscolo) ARRIVATA  la Giovanna  L'APPLICATION !!!
  2. Ho già iniziato a a farla (e non ce la faremo maiii)
  3. ELTIS test, il 4 dicembre alle 17:00!

Bene, credo sia arrivato il momento di concludere il post, aprire il diario (non questo ma quello di scuola purtroppo) e buttarmi dalla finestra.
Buona domenica  e sempre 8imismo mi raccomando!!! 

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